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Mission: To reintroduce the possiblities of change by becoming stabilized in a home-like environment while reigniting positive behavorial conduct and behavorial modification, and redirecting mindsets to employment, permanent housing and family reunification, preparation for independence.

To support our village with peer to peer mentorships, career training, family reunification, increase income, financial literacy, critical thinking, individual case plan management, alternative outcomes and reduction in recidivism. It takes a village to change one person at a time.

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About Us

Retraining The Village is a supportive housing service based on the premise that people are empowered through the efforts of the village.

Together we impact the lives of families through placement and support.

Give a helping hand for our people!

Our agency has been present for over 6 years.









It takes a village to change one person at a time.

“The heart that it takes to care for another individual is not from one self, but from a collaboration of hearts.”

- Halley Irene Crumb

“The house can serve up to a dozen residents – only men – and provides them with job training and life skills. The goal, Crumb said, is to “empower, employ and educate.””

- Fresno Bee

We rekindle the feeling of “Hoping for the Best”
We encourage becoming “Hopeful for”
We invite “Hope for a Brighter Future”

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We can always use volunteers! We welcome people of all ages, skills, and time constraints.


Retraining the Village

Non- Profit Incorporation
Hours of Business Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

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