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Retraining The Village is a supportive housing service based on the premise that people are empowered through the efforts of the village.

"The heart that it takes to care for another individual is not from one self, but from a collaboration of hearts."
- Halley Irene Crumb

Halley is passionate about doing her part to end homelessness, and she understands that "It takes a Village to Change One". Retraining the Village was founded upon that idea.

Retraining the Village began in the heart of its Founder, Halley Irene Crumb in 2009.

As a Medical Technologist for the Department of Veterans Affairs, Halley had the opportunity to work closely with homeless Veterans for over 10 years. She recognized that the Veterans whom she was serving were not only presenting with dual-diagnosis, but also homelessness. She noticed that their will to live and desire for a better lifestyle had gone by the wayside. This attitude was similar to the one that she witnessed among homeless individuals in her own community. Because her own experiences were similar, she soon understood that helping all homeless individuals should begin with genuine concern and a kind gesture.

As a result, Halley became passionate for helping homeless individuals while on the job. Although she understood that change had to happen within one's own self, she believed that a person would be more willing to improve their lifestyle and outlook about life with the promise of stability and a compassionate nudge in the right direction. She became conscientious about encouraging Veterans and their families to find housing and jobs. She congratulated individuals on their sobriety. Through similar actions of caring and support, she saw the seed of hope start to emerge. Lives were changing!

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Mission & Vision

To reintroduce the possiblities of change by becoming stabilized in a home-like environment while reigniting positive behavorial conduct and behavorial modification, and redirecting mindsets to employment, permanent housing and family reunification, preparation for independence.

To support our village with peer to peer mentorships, career training, family reunification, increase income, financial literacy, critical thinking, individual case plan management, alternative outcomes and reduction in recidivism.

"It takes a village to change one person at a time."

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We are dedicated to:

Providing a clean, stable living space on a case-by-case basis for individuals capable of living alone but needing a minimal amount of supervision. Promoting a Clean & Sober lifestyle within a holistic H.O.M.E (Helping Our Men Excel) setting. Offering Healthy Meals, Laundry, PG&E, Cable TV and WiFi. Offering support services, including: mental health and behavioral programs, case management, and family reunification.

Now, there is greater promise of stabilization and a compassionate nudge each time a homeless individual finds his way to a Retraining the Village home.


Retraining the Village

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Hours of Business Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

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