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Together we impact the lives of families through placement and support.

Give a helping hand for our people!

Retraining the Village is a transitional housing program for homeless individuals. Our philosophy is based on the premise that it takes a community effort--the "Village"--to help in the plight against homelessness. As an independent non-profit, our part is to bridge the gap between living in a homeless shelter to independent living by offering the stabilization of a safe, home environment.

Retraining the Village provides effective assistance to its clients, not merely to survive, but to excel. We house veterans and other individuals that were previously homeless, and assist them with case management by coordinating and fostering relationships with local community organizations and service providers. We provide Life Skills groups in the house, and outsourced job training within the local area.

Jump Start Mentorship

Retraining the Village serves as a Bridge of Hope from Homelessness to Home.

--we rekindle the feeling of "Hoping for the Best"--

--we encourage becoming "Hopeful for Change"--

--we invite "Hope for a Brighter Future"--

Our Support Services

Give a helping hand for those who have suffered from chronic homelessness.


Group members gather twice a week to explore personal issues that are preventing each of them from moving forward with confidence and self-assurance.

Meetings are held within a safe and trusting group group environment, and may involve discussions as far-ranging as: fears, isolation, self-esteem, inter-dependence, relationships, social skills, racial bias, empowerment, budgeting, or self-esteem.By addressing personal issues, a person can become increasingly responsible for his own self, and ensure his own success with negotiating future obstacles.


Reunification with family often involves change within one's own self so an individual can continue his proactive journey in the self-healing process.

In some cases, a family unit might have been separated by issues of drugs, abuse, or other trauma. As a result, a sense of safety and stability may have been lost and replaced with a sense of isolation and despair--especially if placement within the foster care system or incarceration was involved. Healing may also have been previously prevented by a person's efforts to "self-medicate" with drugs and other substances.

4Cs Group (on-going)

This group provides individuals with tools to guide themselves towards obtaining peace within their own self.

Consideration, Consistency, Confidence and Connectedness are the core components to achieving independent living, so participants are encouraged to incorporate the


Behavioral health issues are also addressed by attending organized meetings, such as: Alcoholic's Anonymous (AA) Meetings, Narcotic's Anonymous (NA) Meetings, Mental 'Health & Behavior' Counseling, Anger Management Training, and Support or Purpose Groups.​


Retraining the Village

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